365 Days of Skies: Week 8


Wharton State Forest Wildfire

About 13,500 acres burned last week in New Jersey’s state forest. I was doing work outside of New York so we flew passed this on our way out and back since it was in the area of our hangar. We flew a couple circles on the way back during the fires peak. It was pretty crazy seeing how far it reached

365 Days of Skies: Week 1

It’s been really hard for me to do anything outside of work these days and since I’m usually only off if it’s rainy or miserable outside, I figured this would be a fun thing to do. My balcony faces west so I get nice skies in the evening and good views of the late afternoon thunderstorms this time of year. So pretty simple, shoot panoramas and make some cloudscapes. It’s been pretty fun and it’s kind of cool to see the gallery of them coming together. I’m about a month in, so I’ll share the first week starting now and update this weekly.

Lot’s of wrong turns

My goal by this time in my life was to be far away from the East Coast and living somewhere in the desert as far away from people as I could get. But by some sick twist of fate I’ve had to move to New Jersey. I don’t mean to talk shit about the state, there’s some pretty nice areas around me for photos, way more than where I was living before at least, but I’ve just never ever wanted to live here. All of my side work and clients are now 2 hours away so that is a bit of a bummer. Considering all I do is photograph rusty power lines all day, having a creative outlet for photos at least kept me a little sane.

So for now I just plan on making the best of the situation. The Southwest isn’t going anywhere and that’s still my goal so we’ll see what happens. And if me from my next life reads this, don’t be a photographer, get a safe job that has readily available work anywhere ; )

While I haven’t had great photo conditions when I’ve had off, I tried to just look at smaller scenes and make the best of it. I do really enjoy the woodland area here, the trees at least have some character so I can’t complain too much.