This was one of the most challenging weddings that I’ve had in quite some time. The weather forecast was calling for showers all day with no signs of stopping. On top of that, I had broken a few bones in my hand/wrist about 3 days prior to this. I ripped my cast off and wrapped my hand as good as I could and still be able to hold a camera. The day moved so fast that I didn’t really have much time to think about how horrible my hand was hurting. If by some miracle or maybe the Rain Gods taking pity on me, the weather looked like it was going to clear for about 25 minutes. After we did the first look, we decided to take a chance and head to Historic New Castle, DE. It was about 5 minutes from the venue and I had found some pretty great spots the week prior. The weather managed to hold out just long enough for us to finish shooting. Once we hopped back in our cars and got back to the hotel, the rain broke loose again and it poured the rest of the evening. The rest of the night went pretty well despite smacking my hand a few times.


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