6,722 Miles

6,722 Miles, the amount of miles we drove in about 2 weeks. Granted, most of these miles were racked up during the long drive from Maryland to Nevada where we finally arrived at Great Basin National Park to start our trip. We never had visited GBNP before so after securing a campsite we drove up the long winding roads to one of the trailheads and went hiking for a few hours.


I didn’t do too much photography, mostly because as soon as we get over 10,000 feet in elevation we both instantly get headaches and feel like crap. This is mostly our fault for not taking a few days to acclimate to the altitude change. You’d think we’d have learned by now. Overall though, our short time spent here was really fun. We saw some nice lakes, cool old bristlecone pines, and some spectacular valley views. Well worth a visit again when we have more time and can properly get ourselves sorted out before doing any long hikes.



After a few days here we headed back over into Utah and went to Kodachrome Basin State Park. We’ve been around this area before but never took the time to head there and check it out. The park was pretty rad. There was some really good hiking and some great overlook views, most of which involved walking out onto very narrow strips of land that put you right over the valley floor.


The sandstone monoliths were some of the most impressive I’ve ever seen. We also had a bluebird that hung out with us everyday at our campsite. He was a pretty cool little dude.





We spent the last half of our trip over in Capitol Reef NP. It’s where we ended our long 10 month trip a few years back so it holds a special place in our hearts. Besides that, it’s just a really awesome place. It’s a bit of a hidden gem of a spot. Most of the crowds go to Arches, Bryce, or Zion and usually just make a short day trip passing through this place. This means most of the hikes that aren’t on the main scenic drive see little to no people for the whole day so you pretty much have the place to yourself.





We also made an overnight trip to Escalante and Goblin Valley during our time in the area. We only briefly stopped at Goblin Valley about 5 years ago so it was nice to spend some time there and go and wander around at night checking out the milky way a little later the super moon would illuminate all the little formations.



Overall it was a great trip. we found some super cool rocks and petrified wood. You’re allowed to collect on BLM land and we found a great spot that looks like it’s never been picked though so we hit the jackpot there. The day before we left the fruit orchards opened up and we picked some peaches and apples for our drive home.






To break up our drive back to Maryland we made a short drive over to Santa Fe for the night before 2 days of painful driving ensued.


We also purposely went a little out of our way to drive over near Oklahoma City to stop at Pop’s Arcadia which has great burgers and like 5,000 different sodas. Pretty sad to be back but thankful we got to spend some time in our favorite part of the country. Hopefully at some point we’ll call it home.